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of Tomorrow:
Best “out-of-the-box” solutions through
“inside-the-box” Convertainers.


We’ve converted
shipping containers into living spaces since 2004.

With decades of experience and expertise in providing innovative, quality assured and highly optimized container conversions, we at Convertainers have established a name as the trend setter in the market. Whether it is in unique designs or skillful craftsmanship, we always see a brand new perspective in all space solutions we provide.



At Convertainers, we understand the needs of our clients and provide container conversion design solutions that match their space requirements. Our industry leading design team are well equipped in creating uniqueness from single unit Convertainers to multi-unit converted container complexes.



Together with the largest sheltered container conversion facility in South Asia, our experts in container conversions and steel fabrications then take the Convertainers project forward, ensuring timely and hassle free delivery.

How we do it

Our Work Process

Strengthened by ISO cerifications in quality management practices, we at Convertainers ensure quality, safety and timely delivery in all our container conversion and steel fabrication projects, from concept to handover.

May it be a single converted container unit or a complex project, we conceptualize them all according to client requirements.

We provide custom designs, suiting to individual requirement of our clients.

Our production and project management team come together in the fabrication of shipping containers and other steel work, in controlled environments of our facility.

Overlooking the entire project process, we ensure smooth and tiely handover of the Convertainers project, enabling peace-of-mind to the client.

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